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Our Mission

Exceptional Customer Experiences

We empower businesses to build customer relationships through exceptional customer experiences. We focus on loyalty-building customer service fundamentals: starting with meeting the need that prompted first contact in the first place.

With every interaction, Serefin Experiences builds trust and communicates with the customer to create a one-to-one, emotional connection. Our mission is to deliver a personalized experience that provides the customer with what is valuable to them: a speedy resolution.

Our clients trust us to understand the issues that are driving their customers to reach out for help, and we provide actionable intelligence they can use to improve their product or service.  At Serefin Experiences we build long-term, mutually beneficial relationship that restore positive customer sentiment, while being 100% faithful to our client’s brand.

Empowering Our Agents, Elevating The Customer Experience

Our platform is designed to help complete each transaction while providing the 'human touch' component. Agent Assist technology analyzes customer inquiries and finds contextually relevant information to offer the Agent suggestions in real-time. This helps Serefin drive first-call resolution, customer satisfaction and efficiency.

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Walter Wakulowsky
President - Serefin Experiences

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Solutions to Meet Your Needs

We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including customer support, help desks, sales support, and dedicated agent teams specifically trained to understand your brand. We use industry-standard metrics like CSAT and NPS to help measure your customers’ satisfaction and experience. Our proven, data-driven approach, powered by methodologies like CURE, ensures exceptional service across all channels. We can provide 24/7 multilingual support in any location.

Solution Types

Customer Support

AI Chatbots

Help Desk


Sales Support

Market Verticals



Loyalty & Rewards

E-Commerce & Retail


Operating Details

24 Hours, 365 days

Any Language

Any Location

360° Insights in Action

Case Studies

Reduced Call Volume by 80% at Montreal Airport Covid Testing

Serefin's data-driven insights streamlined the Montreal Airport's at-home COVID testing process. By analyzing call metrics and feedback, we:

  • Improved FAQs:

    Clarified information to reduced confusion.

  • Enhanced Test Kit Design:

    Streamlined barcode process.

  • Optimized IVR Menus:

    Answered top traveller questions.

Call volume dropped from 20,000 to 4,000 daily, freeing resources and improving the traveller experience.

Reduced Costs

Improved Efficiency

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Streamlined Verification & Improved Customer Experience

Serefin's data analysis identified bottlenecks in a major Canadian insurer's customer verification process.  We implemented

  • Alternative Verification Methods

    Catering to customers without mobile phones.

  • Process Optimization

Streamlined barcode process.

Enhanced customer experience and improved operational efficiency for the insurer.

Reduced Verification Time

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Increased Operational Efficiency

Unlock Greater Value Through Customer Service Outsourcing

Focus on your core business while delivering exceptional customer experiences.  Serefin's outsourced customer service solutions empower you to achieve cost savings, drive customer loyalty, and improve operational efficiency.

Reduce Costs & Free Up Resources

Focus on strategic priorities while we handle customer service needs.

Drive Customer Loyalty & Repeat Business:

Friendly, knowledgeable agents and seamless interactions build stronger relationships.

Brand-Aligned Interactions

We extend your brand promise and strengthen customer loyalty.

Efficient Problem Resolution:

Faster resolution leads to higher satisfaction and fewer escalations.

360° Customer Insights

Data-driven analytics empower you to optimize your offerings.

Omnichannel Support

Customers can connect effortlessly through their preferred channels.

Re-imagine Customer Experiences and Embrace the New Deal

Today's customers demand seamless, personalized experiences across all touchpoints.  At Serefin, we believe in a New Deal for customer service – one that empowers customers and agents.

  • Omnichannel Support:

    Allows customers to be serviced through whatever communications channel they desire.

  • Smart Assistants, Not Robots:

    Intelligent agents support human agents to support customers faster and always be available for complex issues.

  • Empowered Agents:

    Agents are given the tools and knowledge to personalize customer experiences and resolve issues efficiently.

  • Know Your Voice Matters:

    Going beyond post-call surveys to get real-time sentiment that proactively addresses customer concerns.

  • Happy Agents, Happy Customers:

    Fostering happy, productive, engaged agents who deliver exceptional service experiences.

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